Hailey Johnson Investment

Johnson Hailey Investments, LLC

Johnson Hailey Investments, LLC invests in commercial and multifamily, income producing real estate. The company provides individual investors the opportunity to diversify their core, stock and bond investment portfolio, with income oriented real estate investments.

Real estate has long been a staple of large pension funds as a diversifier in a multi-asset portfolio. JHI was founded upon the belief that individual investors should diversify their core investment portfolio for the same reasons that do the Nation’s largest pension funds. The principal of the company has spent 10 years representing pension funds in their investments in commercial real estate – that experience and expertise is now directed to the benefit of individual investors.

JHI was formed in January, 2004 to acquire commercial real estate on behalf of its principal and outside investors. Since then, JHI and its affiliates have acquired 17 properties aggregating over 1.25 million square feet of space. These buildings were purchased for an aggregate purchase price of $44 million for which the sponsors raised in excess of approximately $1 million of investor capital. Nine of these properties have been sold, for an internal rate of return to the investors over the holding period of 32.5%. JHI is controlled by D. Boyd Johnson, in partnership with Jay Young.

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